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All Munduruku possess knowledge that they guard within themselves. This knowledge was passed along orally by the ancestors in order that cultural values and ancient knowledge not disappear. All old people are bestowed with knowledge, and for the young to acquire this knowledge they must rigorously obey Munduruku rules: nothing is impossible when you want to achieve perfection. We know when people lie, when they want to deceive us, when people are cunning, ambitious and greedy. We know about their underlying motivations, their economic interests: they have no love for life. Because we have love for people, we know how to respect others, how to share, for us there is no such thing as poverty, we are all equal, we know how to divide with those who have not. There are no rich or poor within our indigenous society, we do not favor some over others and much less discriminate. In our world such things do not exist, just love, respect, peace, humility, sincerity. We live happy without money, without mansions to live in, without material goods. Life is more important, money doesn’t bring us happiness, only disgrace. When we have money, we forget about our relatives, we become egotistical, we don’t care about anyone else. Thus begins the disrespect for other people, we become individualists. When we say we don’t depend on anyone else, it is pure folly. Money is a curse, it makes us forget to look at ourselves and at others. People don’t have time for their families, they only care about their job, their pastimes. They get stressed, they get worried, they don’t sleep well, then can’t maintain a dialog with their family. It is because they forget about those closest to them, those dear to them, they only care about their business. When we stop to think, we begin to look inside ourselves and this makes us open our eyes and begin to see what’s right in front of us, and this brings peace to our spirit, this is very satisfying. We, the Munduruku, this is how we are: we value that which is around us. An extract from a Letter to the Brazilian Government from the Munduruku Tribe in protest against the building of an enormous Dam in the Amazon.
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